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A Thai migrant worker has been charged with murder

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  • Last updated:2024-02-21
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Mr. Aphisit, a Thai national working in Taiwan, was charged with murder by the Miaoli District Prosecutors' Office on February 16, 2024. The trial will be conducted under the Citizen Judges Act in the future. Mr. Aphisit remains in custody at the Miaoli Detention Center since being arrested, and he will undergo a court interrogation in the coming days to determine whether to continue his detention.

    In December 2023, Mr. Aphisit allegedly had a quarrel with his colleague, Mr. Wichin, inside the company dormitory. Subsequently, Mr. Aphisit attacked Mr. Wichin with a fruit knife, leading to severe injuries that resulted in Mr. Wichin's death. If convicted as charged, Mr. Aphisit will face a maximum sentence of death penalty, and the Legal Aid Foundation has appointed a lawyer to defend Mr. Aphisit during the investigation to safeguard the defendant's rights.

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